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New Challenges in the Cosmetic Market
New Challenges in the Cosmetic Market

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06 Juli 2020

New Challenges in the Cosmetic Market

Consumers are becoming more and more aware, demanding information on manufacturer processes, ingredients used and general sustainability.

What will change for the beauty industry after the COVID-19 emergency? By now, we are all wondering about the impact of a pandemic that has upset the whole world on the perception of consumers towards cosmetic products. With many companies within this Industry, we are analyzing the most current challenges and trying to discover how to overcome them.


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In fact, consumers are becoming more and more aware of potential product quality, are demanding information on manufacturer processes and ingredients used/ sourced, together with safety measures, overall brand sustainability and have an increased need that all of these products are free from harmful chemicals and synthetics. These attributes are solid purchase drivers - together with the ethics, brand values and the credibility of the brand.

New Challenges in the Cosmetic Market

Moreover, packaging is fast becoming the lead driver for purchase. Packaging must be deemed with quality and integrity, be eco-friendly and packed full of information. It is the portal in which the brand owner can communicate the full story of the product. And it is the means to build a new customer journey that involves and engages the client in a brand new, fully personalized beauty experience.


In this direction, Antares Vision solutions for the cosmetics industry can help to answer these heightened needs. Thanks to our dedicated solutions, any beauty company can have the ability to communicate every detail of the life of a product. With a QR code which is readable with any smartphone, it’s possible to brand values and history to the consumer, and creating personalized content based on user preferences. A digital transformation not only supports transparency by communicating action to all actors of the supply chain, it is also used as an instrument to create a long-term digital connection with consumers in order to better communicate values and customized/ augmented content with the added value of accessing anytime, anywhere.


All this data is collected on a platform that enables customer profiling for an exclusive beauty experience. Finally, having the possibility to follow the product in every step of the supply chain, traceability can enable many possibilities which include recall optimization management, parallel market identification and be used as a weapon to fight counterfeiting.


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