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Young and digital: Antares Vision Group participates in the “Wau Talentiamo” project
Young and digital: Antares Vision Group participates in the “Wau Talentiamo” project

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09 Februar 2022

Young and digital: Antares Vision Group participates in the “Wau Talentiamo” project

Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and business models at the center of the training path

Train new digital talents to create a bridge of light in the job's world and help young people to increase their soft and hard skills. This is the goal of "Wau. Orienting to the Digital Company of the Future", the new project sponsored by CSMT (Multisectoral and Technological Service Center), University of Brescia, and the Municipality of Brescia, with the contribution of Antares Vision Group.


The initiative, promoted by Wau, Training Center, and talent incubator, stems from the need to create a platform that unites young people and Companies, to make the first entrepreneurs of themselves, helping them enter the job’s world. 

Digital Job for Young People

The two-week intensive course (84 hours), focused on Digital Programming and Project Management and open to people aged 18 to 30 years, started on January 31 in Brescia, at the headquarters of CSMT, and will end on Monday, February 14. From March, students will have the opportunity to participate in an internship in one of the companies sponsoring the project, including Antares Vision Group.


Numerous and varied topics will be studied: from stress management to the concept of artificial intelligence, from the Digital Renaissance to the new paradigms of business systems, from business models to non-verbal relational communication, up to Big Data, Story Telling, and Mind Maps. These will include "Track&Trace, Serialization, and Digitization of the Supply Chain and Production Processes: New Frontiers and Technologies in Pharma, Food & Beverage, Life Science, Cosmetics and Fashion" with Alberto Albertini and Francesco Brazzarola (Innovation Center of Antares Vision) as lecturers.


"Young people who come to gain experience in the company help understand new languages ​​- commented Albertini, Innovation Center Director Antares Vision Group -. This is why we are convinced of the importance of supporting these professionalizing initiatives: only through direct meetings between young people and companies is it possible to shorten the distance with the job's world. We know how important it is to promote a culture that enhances young talents. Still, at the same time, we are aware that to do so, is necessary to offer them stimuli that can help them reflect on their professional future ".


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